Ministry Things

We provide faith based therapy for singles, couples and families.  We facilitate weddings, funerals, Handfastings and Bat/r Mitzvahs (among other things).  If there is something that you need from a minister, give us a holler and we'll see what we can do for you.

We have been providing services to people who need them for over 30 years.  We accept PayPal (Visa/MD/Amex and Discover).  If you have an issue with payment, we also accept BARTER.


Freedom, Independence thru Dedication and Obediance.

This is our much loved 'calling'.  Several years ago while counseling a Veteran, my dog (Service Animal), sensed something not quite right.  Before I knew what she was doing, she had gone to the Veteran and laid her head in his lap ... he completed broke and ended up on his knees ... in tears ... finally able to cry.

I took him to the local shelter ... he became the proud owner of a brindle pitt bull.  Then the idea hit ...

We train dogs now, from puppy to adult and if you have need of a Service Animal, we do that as well.  Veterans are HALF OFF the price.  You use your own dog.  As with our other services, we accept PayPal (Visa, MC, Amex and Discover) ... Barter is always welcome.

Notary Services

You bring yourself, the document and your ID and we will take care of the legal signature you need for an important document.  The fees are very low as the signature only takes a couple drops of ink.

You have your choice of stamped or not.  However,  YOU MUST be present along with anyone else who's signature I will be notarizing.  No acceptions.


Barter Is Accepted

Sometimes, people just need a little help when they are looking for help.  If your cash is down, understanding that we do not work with insurance companies ... BARTER is the next best option.  If you have something that you do not use or want ... let us know.  There is always someone who does and will.  We assess fair value and you get the service you need according to the item you bring to us.

Before you panic ... if you need a car, that's different.  If we have one and you have honest need ... there is no charge for that. The services are the only chargeable things.

It's not about the money!!

We are not a mega church, we do not ask for a dime if you don't have that dime.  We understand that times are tough but that doesn't stop inner pain of the need for a wedding officiant.

We would love to have you offer your time to help others as well.  Contact us if you have an offer of yourself or a need that we can provide.  We are here to serve you.


Contact US if ....

You have an honest need for one of our services or would like to volunteer your time to help us.