Barter Welcome

Church Services

Weddings:  $350

Funerals:  $250

Handfastings:  $350

Pre-Wedding Counseling:  $$10/session

Help with Vows:  $25

Rehearsal:  $15

Sit with the Dying:  $25/Day

If there is a service you are seeking and is not listed here, contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.

Therapy Services

Individual:  $50

Couple:  $60

Family:  $100

Alternative (Poly or Lifestyle):  $50

Pricing reflects per session.  Session are typically ONE HOUR.  If you should need more time, then you'll get the time without further charge.


Notary:  $10/per signature

Each person who will sign the document MUST be present at the time of signing and have a valid State ID or Drivers License.