Below are a few questions that have been put to us over the years.  Feel free to contact us if you have one you’d like to see answered.  So … here we go:

What religion are you pushing?

I don’t do religion, I do faith.  And for me, that’s a personal thing.  Ask yourself what you ‘faith’ is and you’ll have your answer.

Are there exceptions to those you except?

There is one exception … if you sacrifice the neighbors cat (or anyone elses) to the tree in my yard …. I would have to tell you this may not be the church for you.

Does your church fundraise?.

Like most churches, we rely on the time and yes … cash … of those around us.  We do not have a ‘tithe’ that most do, rather we ask only what you would want to do.  If that’s a monetary thing, fine.  If that’s an offer of your time … that fine as well.

Do you have a building?

Nope … we are a street mission.  We go where we are each called to wherever that call originates.  We did have a building donated to us … it fell over and is now just a piece of land in the middle of nowhere LOL!

Do you accept donations of cars and larger items?

If you have something from a toaster to a truck, that you no longer have a use for, we will take the donation and give you a receipt for the value off your taxes.  We do not specifically court people for the things they have and we do NOT mark things up to resell.  We literally GIVE what you have given freely to someone who needs it.

Do you go out of your own area for things like weddings and funerals and such?

Depends on what ‘out of my area’ is.  It will be an added amount to the base charge for that service but … yes we do.