How it Began

When I was in my 20's I was caught on the wrong side of a war.  Met some very interesting people and helped those that I could from a limited space and mindset.  After I came home and retired from my chosen business, I looked around at those that had fought so hard for this country and decided to do something about the way they lived.

FIDO was born of that ... we train dogs from puppy to Service Animals based on the needs of the person facing us.  Veterans are HALF priced for the lessons.  All because my own SA got a Veteran to cry.  All she did was lay her head in his lap … the idea grew from there.

In addition to that ... we have other services listed in our 'Services' link that you are welcome to view and select if you have a need.


Our Approach

We are a hands on Ministry with a focus to help those less fortunate than we are.  Okay, now that I've stated the trite crap we all post ... how about some reality?

I'm a very plain speaking minister.  I've been the pastor and founder of this church for over 30 years.  I have a no nonsense way of looking at everything.  I love working with people and helping each person become the best they can be at whatever they are called to do.

Could I blow sunshine up your butt, sure ... most do.  I never will, it doesn't do any good for anyone you or me.  So if you come to me with a problem and ask my opinion, be prepared to hear it.

Our Board

There are five members to the Board of Directors for this small street mission.  Their goal is to keep me from freaking out and find the balance that I sometimes let disappear.  Their task is to keep it real and be the great minds behind the work we do for you!!


Richard Burger

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Rocco Valotta

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Erica Lapham

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Kelly Hewitt

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Diann Smith

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Next Steps...

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