I do not care what background you come from or what you have experienced prior to our meeting.  I care that you care ... about yourself and those around you.  This church accepts everyone, without regard to race, religion, faith, sexual orientation, family status, lifestyle or anything else that leads others to judge.

We look forward to helping those that have a need and accepting those that would like to help us provide that need.  We are always seeking volunteers and others to help us grow and reach more people around this town, county, state, nation or world.

If you are handy with household tools, your services are desired.  If you are good around cars/trucks, your services are desired.  If you simply like people, your services are desired.  If you are looking to be ordained by this church ... we can help you with that.

There is no one whose inside person is not desired. YOU just have to provide the desire to seek us out.



This is where you make the decision to help others ... contact us!!  We look forward to hearing from you, working with you and growing a better world.